Hired help isn't required to fix every problem.  Maybe you feel confident in tackling computer problems on your own or you'd like to give it a go on your own before seeking outside help.  Below are some of the tools and services we use or recommend.  BE SURE to backup your data before beginning any procedure.


FREE Monthly Presentations
Held the 3rd week of each month a one hour presentation on various subjects from "Basic Computer Maintenance" to "Securing Your Internet Connection" to "Protecting Your Family From Online Predators."  There will be a 15 minute Q&A session immediately following each presentation.

FREE Weekly Chat Support
Join us in our chat room Monday morning (8am-9am) to ask any questions that you may have or just sit back and learn from others questions.

FREE Monthly Newsletter
Keep up on the latest security threats, new computer toys and tools, and how-to's.


!The Funny Bone
Classic humor site featuring Internet greeting cards.

AllWebCo Templates
Professional multi page templates for business and personal use.

AllWebCo Hosting
Lightning fast, reliable servers, service, and great technical support.